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   The Baoneng Cup 2020 National Table Tennis Championships entered its sixth match day. This morning, the singles qualifiers came to an end, and the men's and women's singles races each had 40 players. At 14:15 in the afternoon, the first round of the singles main match kicked off.


The men’s singles battle was fierce. In the first round of 16 duels, a total of 7 seeded players were eliminated. Matt lost to Liao Hongran 1-3, Yan An lost to Niu Guankai 0-3, and Yu Ziyang led 2-1 Zhao Zhaoyan lost to Liang Yanzhen 1-3, Xu Haidong lost to Zeng Beixun 0-3, Sun Wen lost to Heilongjiang player Wang Bo, and Zhou Qihao, who made great contributions to the Guangdong team's team championship, quit the singles match. All open source who was promoted to the first team won the second round without a fight.

男子单打比赛非常激烈。在首轮16场决斗中,共有7名种子选手被淘汰。马特(Matt)输给廖洪然1-3,延安(Nan)输给牛冠凯(Nuguankai)0-3,于子阳(2-1)带领赵兆炎(1-3)输给梁彦珍(1-3),徐海东(0-3)输给曾贝x(Sun Wen)为广东队团体冠军做出巨大贡献的黑龙江选手王波和周其豪退出了单打比赛。晋升为第一阵容的所有开源选手都赢得了第二轮战斗。

Also abstaining were Zhejiang team players Wang Zhicheng and Fang Bo who advanced smoothly. In addition, defending champion Hou Yingchao knocked down Yu Heyi 3-1, Zheng Peifeng fought hard for 5 games and eliminated Yuan Licen 3-2, and Xiang Peng fell behind 1-2. Under the circumstances, Zhou Yu defeated Ren Hao in two consecutive rounds, Xu Yingbin defeated Sailinwei, and Xue Fei defeated Yan Sheng 3-0 to win this "straight dialogue".


In the first round of women's singles, three seeded players were also eliminated. Feng Yalan lost to Beijing Yanjing Beer's Sun Chen 1-3, Zhang Qiang lost 1-3 to Chen Ke, chipper Liu Fei withdrew from the singles competition, and Guo Yan advanced to the second round. wheel. On the whole, the strengths and weaknesses of the women's singles competition are more distinct, and none of the 16 games has reached a tiebreaker, which is also relatively rare in previous championships.


   (Ping Pong World)


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