At 3 o'clock in the morning on September 25, Beijing time, Bayern and Sevilla will compete for the title of the European Super Cup. At the same time, European football will also usher in the Europa League qualifiers and the British League Cup and other events.


In the first round of the Bundesliga, Bayern still showed strong offensive firepower, beating Schalke 04 with an 8-0 score, and the new aid Sane played an excellent role in contributing 1 shot and 2 passes. This game is Sevilla's first official game in the new season. Although Banega left the team, the return of Rakitic undoubtedly enhanced the team's strength.


Bayern predicts starting: Neuer, Alfonso-Davis, Alaba, Jule, Pawar, Gretzka, Kimmich, Gnabry, Muller, Sane, Lewand


: Bunu, Navas, Comte, Carlos, Acuna, Haldane, Fernando, Rakitic, Suso, Luke De Jong, Ocampos


Bayern coach Frick: Sevilla deservedly won the Europa League. They are a mature team and their coaches and tactics are very good. This team is full of energy and passion. This game will be a top-level matchup. We intend to make full preparations. I hope the team can achieve 100% and maintain a high degree of focus on the court. We want to win the game. This is a final. The final is always very special.


Sevilla coach Lopetegui: Bayern has a commendable coach. He has changed the fate of the team and is also very good in team management. What he does is very difficult. They understand how they play, how to attack and where they need to defend. In fact we will play against the best team in the world, but we don't want to admit defeat early.


In this game, Hart is expected to usher in the starting lineup. Ali, who is currently in the rumor of leaving the team, also went with the team to the away game. This game may start the game. Mourinho said that Reggie Long was not ready for the game, and another new aid, Bell, reportedly will make his debut for Tottenham in October.


Tottenham predicts the starting: Hart, Olier, Toby, Sanchez, Ben Davis, Sissoko, Ali, Loselso, Lamela, Belwyn, Kane


Due to the suspension of Rebic during his time in Frankfurt last season, Rebic will be absent from this game. Ibrahimovic confirmed that he will be absent from the game after being infected with the new crown virus. Romagnoli, Mousacchio and Conte will miss out due to injuries.

由于Rebic上赛季在法兰克福期间被停赛,Rebic将缺席此比赛。易卜拉欣莫维奇证实,在感染了新的冠状病毒后,他将缺席比赛。 Romagnoli,Mousacchio和Conte将因受伤错过比赛。

AC Milan predicts the starting: Donnarumma, Calabria, Kayar, Gabia, Special Olympics, Casey, Ben Nasser, Castillejo, Charhanoglu, Salmarks, Colombo


Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has confirmed that due to the schedule and the team's first team injuries, the team will send echelon players to participate in this game.

曼城教练瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)已确认,由于赛程和球队一线受伤,球队将派梯队球员参加这场比赛。

Manchester City predicts the starting: Stefan, Ogberta, Adarabioyo, Bellis, Dioncu, Bernabé, Doyle, Palmer, Enmecha, Moreno, Delap


Matip and Chamberlain did not go with the team to the away game. Henderson, Gomez and Shaqiri also played in doubt. In this game, Klopp will choose to let new aids and teenagers play the game.


Liverpool predicts the starter: Adrian, Williams, Kumetio, Borg, Zimikas, Jones, Milner, Keita, Elliott, Takumi Minano, Jota


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