【IM体育】瓦林卡焦点战狂轰42制胜分 横扫穆雷进法网次轮


Netease Sports reported on September 28:


In the first round of the 2020 French Open, the three-time Grand Slam championship battle between Wawrinka and Murray was staged. The former scored 42 winning points and swept 6-1, 6-3, 6-2. , Rewrite the record of battle between the two to 9-12. Wawrinka advanced strongly and will fight German Kopf next.

在2020年法国公开赛的第一轮比赛中,瓦林卡和穆雷之间进行了三届大满贯冠军争夺战。前者赢下42分,并以6-1、6-3、6-2横扫。 ,将两者之间的战斗记录改写为9-12。 Wawrinka取得了长足的进步,接下来将与德国人Kopf作战。

Wawrinka and Murray met again at Roland Garros after 5 sets of fierce battles in the 2017 semifinals. During this time, Wawrinka and Murray underwent two left knee surgeries and Murray had two hip surgeries. Murray also made his first appearance on clay court since that game.

Wawrinka和Murray在2017年半决赛中进行了5场激战之后,再次在Roland Garros相遇。在IM体育此期间,Wawrinka和Murray进行了两次左膝手术,Murray进行了两次髋关节手术。自那场比赛以来,穆雷还首次在红土场上露面。

At the beginning of the game, both sides kept their serve. Murray's success rate on the first serve continued to be low. Wawrinka kept attacking his opponent's second serve and performed quite well on the bottom line. The Swiss star broke serve continuously and sent an invisible egg in the first set. In the second game, Murray tried to strengthen the forehand, but he was unable to maintain the offensive steadily. Wawrinka made a crucial break in the sixth game of the set.

比赛开始时,双方都保持了发球局。穆雷在首发时的成功率仍然很低。 Wawrinka不断进攻对手的第二发球,并在底线表现出色。这位瑞士球星连续断发球,并在第一盘中送出了一个看不见的鸡蛋。在第二局中,穆雷试图加强正手,但他无法稳定地保持进攻。瓦林卡在第六局比赛中取得关键性的突IM体育破。

Murray, who entered the sluggish state of the third set, was still in decline, and Wawrinka broke his first serve. The Swiss star opened the score in the final stage. Wawrinka scored 42 winning points in this one-sided game that took 1 hour and 37 minutes and made only 27 active turnovers.

进入第三盘比赛低迷状态的穆雷(Murray)仍处于下滑状态,瓦林卡(Wawrinka)打破了他的第一局。这位瑞士球星在最后阶段打开了比分。 Wawrinka在这场耗时1小时37分钟的单人比赛中获得42个获IM体育胜积分,仅进行了27次有效失误。

With this victory, Wawrinka rewritten his clay court record with Murray to 5-1, and he met with the German Kopf


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