Ibrahimovic’s score twice helped AC Milan beat Bologna 2-0 at home in the first round of Serie A in the new season. However, the striker said in an interview after the match that if he is 20 years younger, he can still Enter two more.


"I'm in good form. I have been training hard. This is our second official game this season. We won, but I could have scored more goals. If I were 20 years younger, I could Enter two more." Ibrahimovic said.


"I'm not old, I'm like Benjamin Button, rejuvenating! No kidding, our team performed well this time. We are not at 100% yet, so we made some mistakes that can be avoided normally, but Our performance is a good sign."

“我不老,我像本杰明·巴顿(Benjamin Button)一样焕发青春!没有开玩笑,我们的团队这次表现不错。我们还没有达到100%,所以我们犯了一些可以正常避免的错误,但是我们的表现是好兆头。”

"Our goal is to do better than last season. Our young players work very hard. They listen to opinions and observe discipline. They are now focused every day."


"This season we must move forward step by step, play with confidence in the game, and play every game as a final."


"I like to take responsibility. My biggest pressure comes from myself. I don't want people to talk about my age. It doesn't matter whether I am 38 or not. I want people to treat and demand me as a 20-year-old player. "


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